2 WIT 2 WOO - owl and raptor rescue
                                                  NEWS 2010
we would like to use this page to announce new arrivals those who leave and just any general gossip with 2wit 2woo we think you would like to hear.
we have rescued four wild buzzards from various locations-one we picked up from forfar!! we are unsure at this stage how many will go back to the wild, one will be staying with us as he has one eye.
we have also picked up three barn owls in the last couple of months who sadly have not made it, we have decided to post as 2 looked very much like they had been poisened or electrocuted, another hazard they have out there.
we have also been handed a disabled sparrowhawk-shes not completley incapacitated but would not be able to survive in the wild.
we also have reekie-you may have seen him on display with us this year-hes our wee jack daw, hes thriving and doing well.
someone else who is dong really wellis captain beaky the woodpecker handed in to us just over 2 months ago,he was in poor shape, he is now thriving and looking great although still unable to fly and has a permanent injury to his head-pictures will follow.
                                NEWS FOR 2011 
A quick and busy summer has drawn to a close, 

if you see or find a bird or indeed any other animal you think could be in distress or injured and would like our help or advice please do call or contact us on 
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