HOW WE TRAVEL WITH OUR BIRDS 

we travel our birds in pet crates which are usually designed for dogs or cats 

we use these as we find them more suitable for ventilation, cleaning and visibility. each one of our team have their own box which they recognise and are trained just to jump in and jump out, they feel safe even when at an event and when it is raining they use their box of their own accord. 

each box is bigger than each bird to accommodate a block for them to stand on and still have room to move.

behind the scenes they are emptied, cleaned and disinfected after every weekend, ready for use the following weekend. 

we allow everyone to stay in their accommodation until the very last minute before leaving where possible-this means their travel in the crates is as short as possible, and when they get home they are out as soon as we get there-regardless of how tired we are. 
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